Sunday, March 13, 2011

swimming and tears

Today was quite a variety of emotions. From a fantastic worship service this morning, a little later the laughter and squeals of swimming children to the first tears from the older kids that realize we leave tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to the final goodbye with our BB3 - Crossroads orphanage tomorrow. But it is time to go and it is also time to move on down to Phnom Penh, so we will go. And now it is also time to figure out what the Lord wants me to do in response to this visit.

I believe the Lord wanted me personally to come. It has opened my eyes to complete poverty and to the complete dependency of orphans. I will always remember both.

But is that all that it is? Just something to remember, something new to care about? I highly doubt it - I want this visit to make a difference somehow, but that part of the trip is up to God. For now I will face the tears tomorrow, tears of the orphans...pray for them please!

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