Friday, March 11, 2011

in front of you

Our team devotions this morning encouraged us to 'see' serving opportunities right in front of us, particularly when we get back home.

It is SO easy over here to see what needs to be done, what is the most pressing need. But how about our regular lives? So I have forced myself to begin intense prayer now that God will give me new eyes to see who I should serve and what I should give my time to back home. It is easy to focus on the 'big' events and look right past the true serving opportunities, usually individuals that may only be in front of me one time, a brief encounter, a missed opportunity. Busyness must go - and focused work must take its place.

I long to see only what God places in front of me - and no longer to be distracted by things that don't have to be done. This is my prayer - to always look with God eyes in front of me.

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