Monday, March 7, 2011


You can hide here from what you really are.

No one cares who or what you are, all they care about is that you hug them back. They surround you whether it is just one of them or many. You feel completely surrounded, swallowed up and accepted. Needed and wanted. You feel important here and it has nothing to do with anything you have done, accomplished, created or planned, it has nothing to do with you at all. It is only about these amazing children once abandoned, once forgotten and now known and loved and wanted. And now belonging they include all who cross their paths for they know the feeling of hopelessness and long to show all who hurt and don't belong the path to their Savior. They lead you there and tell you everything about their Lord without being able to communicate verbally. Although their language is unknown to me they speak more clearly than anything I have previously heard. Their eyes speak, their dance speaks and their praise songs lead me to Him. Here I am truly surrounded by the purest love I have ever know.

Again I say, no wonder God loves the orphans so much!

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