Thursday, March 3, 2011

sitting and waiting

We are waiting to board the airplane that takes us to LA! Leg one of the journey - the very long, long journey. I'm pretty sure you all will be enjoying your weekend before we reach our final destination - Cambodia!

Already the team is enjoying 'inside jokes' and lots of teasing - a sign of love!

Darlene is busy writing to the Go Missions blog as I sit across the way blogging here - how cool that we can stay in touch this way.

One of the days planned for us in Cambodia will be an outreach day - can you imagine? Us none speaking Americans trying to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ while not speaking a bit of the language...we will see. I guess the oldest orphans go with us as we infiltrate the surrounding areas! So exciting.

We will be shooting video that we will attempt to share with all of you back home - so stay tuned to the blogs and Crossroads facebook site!

Take care - we will talk to you soon...

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