Monday, March 14, 2011

already in the past

This morning was one of the most difficult things I have had to do... ever, that was to say goodbye to the gorgeous children in Battambang. I cannot believe that part of the trip is already in the past! My heart remains with them as I remember the quiet crying and the tear stained faces. Our hands stuck out of van windows holding theirs until the drivers finally pulled out of reach.

The veteran team members marveled at the change they saw in this departure. They felt they had gained the children's trust, this being the 4th consecutive year a team from Crossroads has gone to the BB2 orphanage. The kids believe us now when we say we will be back making the departure a wee little easier!

Now I will try to refocus on the Christian School we will paint and the new faces we will meet here in Phnom Penh tomorrow morning. Faces that need us.

So much for just 2 weeks.

So little giving for a 52 year old life.

I understand you don't have to travel across the world to do the work of God - I am fiercely devoted to the local church, but, you have to give your life. Really give it. Have I ? No, not really.

I understand now why our son talks about living here to teach English and help Asia's Hope and the orphanages. I understand now why my husband has fallen in love with this place and has been over here 4 times. And I understand why God loves orphans and demands our care of them.

As we left today several of the children ran back to the girls bedroom area and brought me their own bracelets, hair pins and photo albums just so I would take something that they personally love home with me. But they gave me far more than these little things...they themselves have become my sons and daughters. I desperately love them and will need to see them again!

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