Wednesday, March 9, 2011

creativity describes our day

Cambodians are extremely creative, their very lives depend on it.They must be creative in order to survive.

We have yet to meet anyone who has an easy life. We have yet to meet anyone who complains about his life or anything for that matter.

This is their kitchen - a creative way to feed 25 at every meal. This is their water supply and this is their make-shift gutter system - creative.

Our goal in 2011 is to raise $50,000 to build a permanent orphanage for our little ones. Right now they are in a temporary home, a leased home. We have the land paid for, now comes the building.

Creativity is required.

So on this day we spent the entire day creating with the kids. We again taught sewing, you can see the pretty blue print dress that was sewed, we provided thousands of beads and pipe cleaners which awoke great creativity in orphans and adults alike.We thought Eileen looked like the Statue of Liberty - I have no idea what I looked like as I become more and more covered with the gifts of pipe cleaner crowns and multiple bead bracelets and necklaces. I wondered if this creativity could be used to help them financially.

So today little hands worked to create beautiful water color paintings that will travel back to the Mansfield where we will have them duplicated and re-printed to create cards and possible other items that people can purchase. They were so excited about the project.

What in your life requires creativity? Can you be creative for the Lord - to further the Gospel? God never called us to easy, follow Him into whatever His will is for you, please don't settle for easy.

(Last night we lost our internet connection so this post is late. If we have internet later today I will post again) May God richly bless your next day - fill it with intention...

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