Saturday, March 26, 2011

final countdown

And I'm NOT talking about Ohio State!

We are just a few hours away from hearing the first of 6 teachings by Ken Ham and Dr. Jason Lisle.

I could not feel more blessed already.  As we tested the sound last night - and I heard just a small portion of one video I was overcome with wonder at the power of God!  I think the video was a simulation of water upon the earth or something, but, just the roar of that water made it so easy to picture the omniscient power of God.

We then had a training on cash registers this morning in preparation to help our congregation and visitors purchase amazing curriculum.  The resources are going to be such a great asset to the families of Crossroads and our community as people seek to know the truth and teach that truth to their children and families.  Very moving to just look down the row of tables holding the resources and imagine how God will use them!

I have no way of knowing how many will be coming, whether it will be standing room only or just a regular sized crowd.  But I do know this.  Who ever God has chosen to attend these sessions will be here, will learn tremendous truths and leave able to defend their faith in a way that is life changing to everyone who crosses their path!

Please come expecting a great blessing!!  See you there!

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