Thursday, March 24, 2011

facing this day

I woke up 3 times last night, each time my head was swarming with details of the coming weeks...
-Ken Ham
-communion on the weekend in a couple of weeks
-Palm Sunday, Easter
-building an orphanage
-training programming teams for the house churches

Crossroads, I believe as a congregation we are walking into a brand new era of amazingness!  Are you ready to be part of it?

This era will require commitment from each attendee at Crossroads.  But, it will be SO worth it to be part of God allowing all of us to be involved in changing lives for eternity!!!  We are brothers and sisters in Christ and it's time to be fully engaged in one anothers lives,  to take next steps of maturity and to get involved.

Looking ahead to the coming weeks it is hard to stay fully focused on the day at hand!

Facing this day was a bit daunting but so exciting I could not wait!

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