Thursday, March 17, 2011

final cry in Cambodia

Tonight was the final time I will cry in Cambodia...well at least I think so!

Our team treated all the orphanage directors and wives of Asia's Hope in Phnom Penh. These amazing people were so thankful and precious! Our team sat on one side of a huge table with the directors across from us. In broken English we spoke of the things of the Lord and then Ron prayed.

He thanked God for these amazing leaders, these people who spend their entire life giving these beautiful children a home and teaching them to love and serve the Lord.

What made me cry was as he prayed - I heard every pastor/director murmuring agreement and praise very quietly, almost silently to the Lord they love so completely. Of everything we have experienced it struck me as quite peculiar that my soul would find this spiritual moment so moving.

As brothers and sisters in Christ our hearts were truly united before the throne of God in those brief moments - I knew I was in God's presence. As the prayer ended, it took me a few minutes to gain my composure.

The fellowship continued although we didn't know them well and they didn't understand all that we said. I am pretty sure this is what the word communion truly means and I feel blessed beyond words.

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