Sunday, March 6, 2011


As I sit here in Cambodia, completely surrounded by the worst poverty I have ever seen, I become completely overwhelmed by the goodness of God. I see past the poverty by looking deeply into the eyes of His little ones. The orphans who have come to know Him in a way that makes me very jealous.

They see Him and know Him. He IS their Father, their only Father.

As they sing "You're the God of this City" at the top of their lungs it becomes apparent why God loves orphans so very much. They touch the heart of God with their complete reliance on Him and Him alone. It is this kind of Fatherhood He longs to reveal to us - if we would just allow Him to.

I also watched today as children who have nothing gave everything. As they took the Sunday offering, little hands dropped all the tiny coins that they possessed. Coins that their wise orphanage parents allow them to earn only so they can teach them how to manage money and most of all how to give their money. This was difficult to watch without feeling deep regret for my own selfish priorities.

I will share more when I have a chance, but right now we get the privilege of delivering each
Christmas present that all the generous Crossroads parents sent with us to give them! They are SO excited...may God bless your day!

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