Thursday, March 10, 2011

hard to recieve - easy to give

I was given a ring today by the orphanage mother. It was very hard for me to accept because I know what that money could have been used for instead.

Next her daughter, Channa, who my daughter Jocelyn calls sister, gave me a beautiful cross necklace. Again, very hard to accept but I did because I already cherish anything these amazing people hand me.

Next was the most difficult, a 7 year old boy walked up to me and unwrapped and placed a candy, his only candy in my mouth. I almost completely broke down. I realized it is much more difficult for me to receive than to give. Is it pride? I don't know...I'm honestly not sure.

The other offerings came in the form of hand-drawn pictures from children, removing water bottle caps for me and very dirty little hands tucked constantly into mine. Giving and giving and giving....completely overwhelming!

Their actions toward me today demonstrated how Jesus lived when he was here on earth. He gave and gave and gave to the point of death, and we take and take and take requiring His death.

I understand in a way I never have before, I am in this world to give and not to take.

25 orphans taught me that.

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