Thursday, March 17, 2011

our last day

I just cannot believe this is almost over...

Tonight we have the privilege of treating all the staff from Phnom Penh to a rare dinner out. Such simple things mean so much here.

I hereby commit to enjoy simplicity more!

I would say one of the main changes in me as a result of this trip will be contentment. Although some people here are so content it works against them. We have all commented on the people we see day after day that wake up in the morning, walk out to their front porch and sit there. I do not know how they wake up each day only to face another day of the same. Blank stares with no concept of ambition or hope.

So as I go home - I pray I can be much more content and thankful in my daily life while remaining totally dedicated to see each opportunity God puts within my reach to tell of His love to all who will listen.

It is no mistake that this very team, this group of individuals from Crossroads have been brought together this week in Cambodia - we have grown close inside shared experiences. We have even met several other Ohioans visiting with their Asia's Hope orphanages - more brothers and sisters sharing our passion! I underestimated the instant connection that a common God cause creates.

In the ministry our staff and our dedicated volunteers at Crossroads connect around the common goal of reaching the lost and creating an atmosphere conducive to spiritual formation. And that God - cause certainly affects all that we do. But, this 2 weeks has been an instant connection - we all 'hit the ground' running for God! So amazing!!

So as we return, as we sit in Taipei for 8 hours and we experience two Fridays before arriving home, pray for us, not for safety but for opportunity to witness as we travel - to be the light for just a little longer in this country before arriving home Saturday. May God richly bless all of you who have read about our adventures - it encouraged us tremendously to know you care about us.

And, if Internet is available as we wait to fly - you may hear from us one more time! See you soon!

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