Wednesday, March 30, 2011

only love compels to death

So....I decided to stay home this morning and try to put finishing touches on Easter.  My computers decided they did not want to connect to the network so I have spent over an hour just updating one stage layout...should take 15 minutes.  Frustrated I decided to lay everything down and go to the Word for some focus and to calm my blood pressure down!

I picked up a study I use from time to time and it took me to John 21:15 - 23 where Jesus asks Peter "Do you love me" and Peter asks Jesus, "what about him?" referring to John.

If you follow Christ you realize your life is totally in His hands, He created you and He knows the plans He has for you.  How much do you love Him?  really...

The commentary talked about love being the only thing powerful enough to compel us to death if that is what God's plan holds for you.

So I honestly ask myself, how much DO I love Him...really?  Am I too busy looking over my shoulder worrying about someone else who seems to have an easier way to look into His eyes and focus only on what His plans are for me?  I say "what about him" way too often!

Sitting here trying to drink in the message that this passage holds just for me I must thank Him for once again bringing me perspective.  Frustrations when things don't go my way, frustration with selfish people, frustration with the lack of instant productivity that I long for,  all these things can be managed, accepted and over looked if I just love Him... really.

So laying all these trivial things aside I examine my life against this question- is my love for Him strong enough that I would follow Him even to death?  Will I miss what my life can really be by worrying about everything around me?

Do you love Him?

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