Monday, May 4, 2009

wise leaders

Have you ever been around some one that is just wise? It will never stop surprising me when I just can't figure out the best solution to a problem and it rolls off a wise leaders tongue as if they have been thinking about the problem for hours. Amazing!

Pastor Tim is like this. (He won't like it that I'm writing about him...too bad!)

No kidding, we can be trying to figure out just the right order of music, struggling with a problem, or a last minute change to something in the program to make it flow, and minutes sometimes seconds later...out it comes, the perfect solution.

There are many things I could write about my 12 years of service with Tim, but, among others the quick leadership decisions he can just instantly make is obviously a gift straight from God to our ministry. And to me myself.

Pastor Tim is the public face of Crossroads, but it is behind the scenes that we get to see even more of his God gifts at work. He has been anointed and gifted to lead and it is fun to watch and a blessing to work with.

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