Monday, May 18, 2009

my day off

Airports and mushrooms.

As sad as it was, the time had quickly come to take Rick Muchow back to the airport! Our fantastic weekend had come to an end. It is always very hard to say goodbye, especially to friends you are not sure will ever be able to return to Crossroads!

We headed home and got a call from my dad asking if I thought there were still mushrooms in our woods...I highly doubted it, but they headed over anyway.

I know, I know several weeks too late, but, it's the first time we have had any time to go, so we went anyway. Of course we found no mushrooms, but, had a blast looking! (I bet when you saw this picture you got excited thinking we found it???!! - naw, it belongs to some other lucky hunter!) I think we spent as much time hunting for one another in the woods as we did for mushrooms! We kept hearing phones ringing as my parents called one another when we got separated! Funny!

Although we would have much preferred eating mushrooms, we finally gave up and went out to eat. Our choice for fine dining was the World Renowned Bellville establishment the famous, the V & M! ha ha...The same location as the "World's Fair" held each year on the main street of the little town!

I love my parents and I enjoy spending time with them as much as I possibly can!! All that hiking made me tired, so got to go!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had an exciting weekend too Lori

That "come-down" period straight after is hard to cope with sometimes isn't it. But God is good - glad you had a great day our with your parents to follow-up such an awesome weekend! Bless you.