Friday, May 1, 2009

leading regardless

Occasionally everyone that is in the role of leadership feels like they shouldn't be there...I find myself feeling that way the past couple of weeks. I don't say this to evoke sympathy or any compliments, so please don't think that. I'm confident in my calling still I feel lately that I should be leading more confidently by now...

When I question my ability and strength I look to the Lord and also to other Godly leaders. Today I came across this excerpt from Nancy Beach one of my favorites. Nancy is a teaching pastor, writer and former leader of the Arts Teams at the WillowCreek Church. If even she feels this way it encourages me greatly!

Nancy said in her blog today concerning speaking at a very large conference recently, "I spoke about the issue of women leading in the church. As I walked up on stage to speak to the 3200 attenders, I took a deep breath and simply had to trust that God had given me a message to deliver and my job was simply to deliver it. I knew I could not control the response, nor should my own sense of worth be defined by whether the talk was well received..." Of course her talk was well received because she is amazing! But, even amazing, well known leaders struggle not to base their worth on what they do. Our worth of course is found only in God and our obedience to his calling.

The same day I found this from Nancy, I also found an article from Andy Stanley who had very encouraging words to leaders. Andy said, "as a young leader I was tormented by the assumption that I should know what to do in every given situation...the more responsibility you assume as a leader, the more uncertainty you will have to manage. The cost of success as a leader is greater uncertainty, not less!"

At first glance, these words may not sound very hopeful or encouraging, but knowing how both of these leaders have similar struggles, encourages me. So, I will continue to lead as God allows and try to keep my focus on Him instead of my shortcomings. I pray you are each encouraged as well as you lead wherever God calls you!

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