Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend report

Well, well, well just got home from taking Rick Muchow to the airport.

A weekend to remember indeed...God is very very good!

We got the privilege of worshiping with Rick Muchow as our worship leader this weekend! Rick has been Rick Warren's worship pastor for the past 23 years, but this weekend he left Saddleback behind and came to Crossroads! What a blessing!

Here is the set list, including several of Rick's original songs. He is one of the most authentic, genuine Christ followers we have ever known. My hubby and I look forward to seeing him once again when we head west to the Saddleback Worship Conference in June... Until then, Thanks Rick!!

Instrumental (Crossroads band) Gonna Be Alright

Announcements - featured our Asia's Hope update and first Beth Moore event announcement

Praise - Everybody Praise the Lord
Praise - I Will Boast
Worship - Trust God
Message - Worship Pastor Tim
Worship - The Heart of Worship no band - vocals and keys
Worship - Fall On Me (featured on video above)
Worship - Lord I Give You My Heart
Worship - The Heart of Worship - starts quietly - then band came in

Fabulous! Unbelievable to have Rick in Mansfield!! God is so good!!!!!!

To see what other ministries had in their set lists this weekend click here!


Anonymous said...

It's great having guests sit in and/or lead, isn't it? Nice video. The Heart of Worship...kind of ironic when the team overplays it, so that's a cool thing to do, just with one instrument. Thanks for the report on what sounds like a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great video! Beautiful song by Rick. Thanks for sharing Lori.

Anonymous said...

great list!

our team will be rocking it without me this week (which they do without batting an eyelash).

Love the vid.