Wednesday, May 13, 2009

kindness of strangers

Nothing is more moving than the kindness of a stranger. I am always curious about anyone who seems to nice to be true. Doesn't it make you want to know more about them? It does me. Some people constantly watch for opportunities to bless others, with a kind word, a smile or a compliment.

It is amazing to see the reaction people have when you go out of your way to be nice to them. To serve them. I don't always do this well, but, I have recently been on a mission to remain aware of opportunities around me. It is fun!

Simple things like not just saying a quick thanks, but being very specific with your thanks. Big sincere thank yous to total strangers!

Thank you - words that build up, when so much of their day they may get torn down and criticized. Makes me wonder why such simple things seem so hard. Maybe we just get used to investing our thank yous and kindness in those we already care about, or in those we will get something back from.

Let's cover the strangers we come in contact with kindness, kindness that cannot be explained except that we love our Lord and so value those around us.

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