Monday, May 11, 2009

my day off

This will be a busy day but at least I see a bit of sunshine! I am surprised I still recognize what it is!

It is funny, since our kids are away we have drawn closer to our extended family...we got to be with them several times over the weekend and love them very much. We just hung out and ate way too much. These times are precious for on the very days God allowed us to enjoy one another, we knew others were losing their family members.

We visited one of our dear Crossroads' friends on our way home last night, just hours before their mom passed on.

God created life to work this way. He is the giver and taker of life. Every time I share in someones grief, I value my time with my loved ones more. We cannot afford to remain in conflict, ever! We will never regret giving up an hour or two of our time (as if it is our time) to be with loved ones, but we will always regret not giving that time. Time goes fast, really fast and that encourages me to move through this day with a new focus on what God wants me to use my day for!

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