Sunday, May 10, 2009

weekend report

Mother's Day was the best ever!

Our setlist for the weekend:

instrumental: Stand By Me I really enjoyed this arrangement moving the melody from sax, to strings then guitar.

announcements: Darlene Rudrick took care of this segment for us. Our congregation adopted another orphan this weekend. About 16 or so to go!

Praise: Only A God Like You
Praise: For All You've Done
Worship: Breathe

Special Music: One Heartbeat At A Time Steven Curtis Chapman

Michelle created a photography slide show for this song of mom's with kids
from our congregation. She was not only the teacher this weekend, but is an amazing potographer as well as our pastor's wife! You can see her photography MichelleArmstrong Photography.

Drama: Motherhood Maureen Browning was amazing!!

Message: Desperate Michelle Armstrong rocked it!

Video Testimony: Precious couple - thanks to the Thems!

Message Conclusion: Michelle Armstrong

Great weekend - Michelle had such great ideas for the service and it all came together!!!

To see what other ministries did on Mother's Day click here!

To watch our services on line go to on Monday afternoon.

Happy Mother's day!


Anonymous said...

I love Breathe - and what a beautiful song for Mothers Day.

Glad you all had a great day Lori!

Me... said...

Awesome day for you! :)

Eddy Mann said...

Only A God Like You... always engaging for us.