Monday, May 4, 2009

my day off

Off to a great start with a phone call from Cambodia! How good to hear our kids' voices instead of just reading their words! What gets the day off to a better start than that?

In a short time I will help some friends from Crossroads move a dear, very desperate woman, so I am waiting for that call to come in.

So many people need our care... I found out today, that two acquaintances of ours have just been diagnosed with cancer as well as my favorite waitress/friend struggling with skin cancer... a lot of people to care for. Being available to others is something I am intentionally trying to become good at! I have not been available in the past, too busy with all my stuff. I do not know why care comes so freely from others and so stingy at times from me.

Please join me as I force myself to take a look at my day and see what portion I can give to meet someones needs. What time can you give?

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