Monday, May 25, 2009

my day off

Each spring I post a picture of my favorite spot on earth so here it is again, my deck! This is where many of my favorite things happen, Bible Study, reading, writing, thinking, hanging out with family and friends.
I woke up early today only to discover a Starbucks only decaf - which is reserved for friends that stay late at night - I need caffeine! Thank goodness for "The Walmart" and Starbucks coupons!

All is well, and I am back with coffee and reading in hand. So, I'm thinking leisurely day, catching up on reading, and my passage for the day was Romans 14. And that chapter gets right to the point, vs. 1 - "Now accept the one who is weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions." So my day off begins with a confrontation from God. I have had quite a judgmental week- throwing my opinions around way too freely, and each time I did the Spirit within me warned me...sometimes I listened sometimes I didn't. Reading this chapter comes on the heels of Pastor Jesse's teaching yesterday about being held accountable for every word spoken...Man am I in so much trouble!

The thing about gossip or speaking in a judgmental way is it typically doesn't affect the person I speak against, it makes me look foolish. This is especially true in leadership positions. Our authority can rise or fall based solely on our words. If our words do not match our actions - our words become empty - the respect of others slips away. They know deep in their hearts if you will speak this way against others, you will also speak against them. Something Rick Muchow said when he was here a week ago stuck with me, "no one comes to me to gossip or criticize, because they know I don't gossip. If they do come to you to gossip, they know you will participate." This is a harsh fact, if they come to you to gossip - they know you will participate...I don't want to be known in this way!

So I've made a decision, today is a "day off'" from words. I won't speak a word of gossip or judgement (with a lot of help from above), in fact I will try not to speak many words at all and instead listen. Easier said then done.

So what this becomes then, is in fact a day off for my husband! ha ha!! I challenge each of you, join me in this attempt! God bless!

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