Sunday, May 31, 2009

weekend report

We began quietly today and it was great! The whole weekend just kind of felt reflective instead of so big. It was nice!

Our set list:

Instrumental: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
As the next instrumental began we had three readers take the stage for scripture
Instrumental: Breathe In
Worship: Breathe On Me Hillsong
Worship: Rescue Desperation Band
Worship: Surrender we jumped into this about half way through the song
Praise: Our God Saves
Message: Qualified Surrender
Closing Worship: Surrender

You can see what songs all the other ministries around the country were using by going to Fred McKinnon's site!


Anonymous said...

Reflective is great sometimes isn't it...and given the message subject, very suitable too :)

Anonymous said...

I love to start quietly from time to time. We can get into a predictible rut at times, can't we? Someone else did Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus either this week or last. It's a sweet, sweet song. Weaving scripture reading into the worship can be very powerful. Thanks for the great report.

Perky Gramma Teaches said...