Sunday, May 24, 2009

weekend report

What a blessing to have a Youth Guy that can preach, really preach! It was so much fun working with Jesse Rider this weekend to prepare the weekend services. And he delivered big time!

Jesse taught from James and reminded all of us the importance of every word that we speak!

We began our service as we honored the servicemen who so bravely gave their lives to defend our country with a video tribute, to begin our service!

Announcements: complete with a live feed from our Town Square area

Mighty King of Love
Everlasting God
Scripture Reading: James 1:19 - 26 Grandmother and Granddaughter
Filled With Glory

Message: Communication

Video: We shot a "man on the street" video in our Town Square asking people various 'age related' questions ie. do you know what Twitter is, Facebook, an Icebox, a Davenport... you get the idea. This video helped establish how different words are known to different generations and how that affects communication.

Message continues: Communication

Closing Special: In The Living Years with James 1 video

Closing Prayer

Take a look at what other teams did in their worship services this weekend, click here.

You can watch this service at on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day Lori - the message and video would be great to see/hear sometime.