Tuesday, May 26, 2009

what I learned today

As I studied Matthew 25: 20 & 21 in preparation for the Artists Small Group tonight, I was extremely encouraged by the fact that God only expects from us what we are capable of according to our individual ability. Don't you find that so freeing?

We all spend time sizing up the competition, deciding in our minds that we don't measure up to those around us who we perceive to be more accomplished, or the opposite, puffing ourselves up because we think we've done something better. Oh yeah, but, we keep a big smile on our faces at the same time! What a waste of time! God doesn't look at us all lined up comparing what the person next to us accomplished with his talents. So then, why do we? I guess it is just to try to make our selves feel better. We either compare in order to justify slacking off (I did more than he did!), or better because we've killed ourselves working so hard (I'm such a martyr look how hard I work)!

There is no comparison in God's eyes one to another, only in ours!

Different talents are given to each, according to our ability, and the return on God's investment is measured the same way, according to our ability!! We become paralyzed anticipating failure, instead of laying at His feet ONLY what He created us to be able to do! He offers us success in the assignment He gives us, (not of our own doing).

I learned today, I need to focus totally on what He has given me a talent to do and not set my eyes on anyone else. That's what you call, Freedom In Christ!

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