Friday, May 29, 2009

conditional praise

I am praising God for His amazing goodness as I just saw a call from our daughter which means they landed safely in LA!

I'm on the computer only in the hopes they were on their computers, but they don't seem to be so it's off to bed before getting back up at 4:30 to get them. I was actually going to skip posting, but...

It dawned on me as I was praising Him that my praise may truly be conditional. What if the outcome had been different?

I have to say many times I only think about thanking Him when things go my way. When the ending is a good one. When all is as I think it should be.

I wonder instead if I could condition myself to praise? Practice it. Repeating something makes it become a habit, so I choose to praise my God, for being the only true God, when I wake up each morning, for my family and friends and ministry, and because He is worthy of praise!!

A praising habit. When I begin to praise Him constantly as He deserves, only then my praise will become unconditional.

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Perky Gramma Teaches said...

I get you.
...simply because He is worthy of praise.
I'm on a journey of simply carving time out to praise Him.
Stepping deep into Him, resting, listening...