Thursday, May 7, 2009

mothers day is coming

I couldn't be more excited about mothers day this year! Not because I am a mom and will be celebrating, I actually won't be because my kids are away. (My hubby is buying me a present so I am not sad! ha ha It worked!!) I am of course looking forward to celebrating with my mom and his, but I am also very, very excited about our weekend services!

As we sat in our programming meeting today and I listened to Michelle Armstrong passionately talk about her preparation for the teaching, I knew this was going to be something special! When someone teaches from portions of God's Word that has become personal. It teaches you, it changes you. I listened intently as she described the process she has gone through deciding what God wanted her to teach on, much more than coincidence as every piece of the service fell into place.

The other aspect that is amazing is how applicable her teaching is going to be to every single person in the congregation...not just moms. People are going to be very, very touched and moved toward God. I cannot wait!

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