Saturday, May 30, 2009

chaos can be good

Our kids arrived home safely on Friday, and it was soooo good to have them home!

Our kids are back and our house is a disaster. First there were all the little (amazing) gifts that had to be pulled out of hiding in the suitcases upon arrival. This demanded that every piece of clothing be removed from every bag at once. Next we turned our focus to sorting through all the 'merch' for their band tours that begin next week. This required every bag and box storing exciting band merch be emptied at once to create displays and prices in preparation for future high dollar sales that will fund all the travel. (I have been purchasing merch while they were away!)

So how strict and critical are you with your kids, or spouse making messes? How highly do you value everything being organized at all times in your home? I am not suggesting that you allow complete free reign in your home, but do you ever allow messes? Our home is often messy, very full, and very, very musically loud. I highly treasure each mess and each note.

I had a blessed conversation today with a lady at church. She spoke of never being celebrated as a child, never! How horribly sad!!

This is what I feel messes allow, celebration! Messes allow experimentation, learning and great creativity. Messes make you feel free as if you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder, as if this time exists only for you. I think kids need to be allowed to create messes. Yes, they also need to learn how to clean up. But, how cool if their memories are that we all lived, really lived in our home. I want them to remember that there was space to create, and write, and lay stuff around while they worked on projects.

I want them to go out remembering all their little 'important' things were celebrated and that we gave them space and together we created really good chaos!

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Bethany Ezawa Kinch said...

Oh my gosh! I can just picture the kitchen/dinning room/living room piled with Eric and Joci stuff everywhere!! I can't believe they're off again for tour so soon! Miss you guys!