Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekend report

The worship teams that lead our youth often come into the auditorium during rehearsal and worship before heading to the youth!  This is Josh - an amazing young man worshipping his Savior before going to lead the youth!

This weekend as we launched the 'white flag' series, I watched while the theme song was performed with the audience seated.... one by one hands were raised.

I recognized the hands of a sister in the Lord whose husband just had surgery to remove some cancer - they are just beginning to walk through the process of his healing and yet I watched her willingness to surrender that burden to the Lord.

I wondered what the other hands raised were releasing to the Lord?  Burdens I may never know about...

It was a great weekend as we studied Daniel lead by our Senior High Pastor Jesse!

Our setlist:

Announcements:  Bill Hill (Elder)
Stay Amazed
White Flag - Tomlin
Message:  White Flag pt.1 - Jesse Rider
Exit Song:  White Flag

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