Wednesday, March 7, 2012

@cccwired on Wednesday night

Tonight amazing... God-blessed...Crossroads was humming and strumming and painting and drinking coffee and teaching and learning and recording and hanging!

We had guys re-arranging and hanging speakers in the auditorium.
Guys writing and recording original Crossroads music.
Set design stuff being created and painted.
Every room in the ministry full of people taking classes.
Youth completely over-running the cafe doing karaoke and then going on to class.
Our Town Square being run with excellence by the Class Set Up Team.
Membership class with my handsome hubby!
CLASS set up team

Girls group studying
One of our adult classes
Milo, Scott and Austin writing new music!
Just me and my projector hanging out in the storage room!

The beginning of Set Design
YAY for good 'ole overhead projectors - my favorite design partner!

Ken hanging the speakers

I am so thankful I get to be part of this amazing Godly ministry!!

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