Saturday, March 10, 2012


Last night I attended a conference in Columbus designed to raise awareness to our responsibility for orphans.

It was very moving.  It accomplished exactly what it set out to do - cause us to think, to search our hearts and to stand before God with our answer.

I am open to whatever He calls me to do.  I plan to see what locally is going on in the area of Foster Care and orphan care.  I hope to participate, I long to make a difference.  Although I realize whenever God calls He never promises what the outcome with be - he simply asks that we are obedient.  Often sold out believers work for years before seeing any results and some never see them in this life time.   That makes no difference at all.  We simply need to obey.

God has gifted the believers of America with EXTREME wealth, even those we consider less fortunate are rich by the worlds standards.

How will you answer Him when he asks.."What have you done for the least of these?"

Can I stand, head held high before Him some day and hear "Well done thy good and faithful servant"?

Not unless an awful lot changes in my life.

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