Monday, March 5, 2012

my day off

Hangin' with Eric and Alyssa
It was pretty much a perfect day off!

Slept in.
Spent the entire day surrounded by family and good friends.
Looked at houses with our kids.
Dreamed about what could be.
Brainstormed on coming events.
Drank way too much coffee.

Our day took us from one coffee shop to another.
From Mansfield to Delaware.
From Delaware to Dublin.
From Dublin back to Mansfield.

Aaron was creating really cool T-shirt designs while Beth was working on her wedding plans!

I will never take these slow, God given days for granted.  I consider myself tremendously blessed and as I prepare to sleep tonight I will fall asleep thanking my amazing Lord.  I know not all days will be this easy and enjoyable so I am thankful indeed for a carefree day.

What does a good day-off for all of you look like?  Please leave a comment!

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