Saturday, March 3, 2012

life in a day

We just watched the documentary "Life In A Day" - this documentary was created from videos all taken on the same day and sent in from all over the world. Interesting.

I found some of the American video embarrassing.  It went from foreign children happy just to have a blanket in a box along a street  -falling asleep with huge smiles on their faces to whining American's who had a bad day.

I had never watched it in it's entirety before.   I closed my eyes during some violent scenes but overall I was fascinated.  The world is SO different in some ways - yet exactly alike in most ways.

Despite their beliefs it was obvious that each culture had God created values and needs, even though they often didn't recognize them.

No matter which country we were watching, family or relationships were valued or at least endured, working for food and shelter was universal and the endless pursuit of belonging to something never ended.

We are not that different. We all have the same basic needs as well as the same spiritual needs.  God created us all and on any given day we all spend our lives in one of two ways - running toward Him or trying to run our own lives without Him.

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