Thursday, March 8, 2012

a dangerous moment

I witnessed a very dangerous happening the other day.

As my hubby and I stopped to get gas I noticed a gentleman beside us also preparing to fill his car.  The thing he did first terrified me!

He got out of his car with a cigarette in his hand, a lit cigarette.  Instead of putting the cigarette out, he stuck it into the crack in his trunk and proceeded to fill his tank with gas while the cigarette burned just  inches away.  If this had caused an explosion, we would have all gone up in smoke!

I wondered why anyone would put their family in this kind of danger as well as disobey a rule that was clearly displayed.  Maybe it was his last cigarette, who knows.

If you look closely on the left of his trunk you can see the cigarette!

I felt sorry for him, it made me sad that he couldn't be without a cigarette for even a few minutes.

I then wondered what I have in my life that I can't give up for even a short amount of time?  Seems like God uses people I don't even know to teach me things all the time.

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