Thursday, March 1, 2012

prisons from bricks of agreement

engaging in conversation with the enemy IS agreeing with the enemy.

I constantly stick quotes, ideas and portions of writings I find into computer folders.  I wasn't sure if I had ever written based on the above sentence.  I find it fascinating!

I don't know if there is anywhere that agreeing with the enemy causes more complete havoc than in ministry.  Ministry demands truth.

I have never felt more imprisoned than I have a few times in ministry when I have agreed with someone I know is wrong.  Even at the expense of those who are right.

What I have learned is that rarely does the enemy come blasting in, he implodes us from within.  He puts us in prison.  When we agree.

We agree to keep the peace.
We agree to seem nice.
We agree because we are in a hurry.
We agree because we want to be liked.
We agree out of laziness or tiredness.
We agree because to disagree is not Christian-like.
We agree as if we cannot recognize the enemy.

When we agree with the enemy we do not take a stand against evil, we take the easy way out.  It should make people question whether we even are a child of the King.  I want no part of that prison built from bricks of agreement.

I just don't like gray much...  that lukewarm in-between black and white.

Let's spend no time with the enemy.

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