Saturday, March 17, 2012

prayer life = leadership quality

I cannot get this statement out of my mind, "your leadership publicly will never go above your prayer life privately".


I have no desire whatsoever to be 'known' as a public leader, but, there is nothing I want more than to lead well with our teams at Crossroads, with our kids and others God asks me to lead.

So my prayer life determines how usable I am by God, how affective I am as a leader?  I guess my prayer life deserves some attention then.

I found myself worrying again the other day about something I had to lead, of course it was something totally out of my control.  After much time was wasted in worry I apologized to God for not bringing it to Him first before wasting precious time.  When will I learn?

So, back to leadership.  Although I take any leadership God gives me very seriously, if that seriousness was measured by how much I cover that area specifically in prayer it would be sadly lacking.

Can you join my confession of falling short?  Do you lead in an area that should be covered in prayer, is it?  I mean really covered?

This is right here and right now my first prayer toward a constant covering specifically over the areas I lead and over my leadership of them.

"Father...forgive me for always trying to do it on my own.  How disappointed you must be at my attempts to lead alone.  My heart's desire Father is to invite your Spirit to work through me daily, to make me disappear in my leadership, to lead with a pure heart and pure intentions.  To lead as you would lead.  Please change me, be seen through me and help me lead strongly in You and for You!" Amen

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