Thursday, March 15, 2012

everyone has a story

I am currently reading a book about the most important minutes in peoples' lives.  That defining moment, a moment when someone spoke encouragement into their lives, something that changed their lives.

I have been thinking about my own story and whether I can think of something so important that someone said to me that it changed me or the trajectory of my life.

I guess my thoughts go to times I was made fun of more than a 'words of wisdom' scenario.

Negatives shape us even more easily than positives - at least in my case.

If we hang on to the negative comments and circumstances of our lives does that mean we have a limited relationship with the Lord.  Are we unwilling to let them go and believe the fact that He loves us as much as anyone else?

Maybe I remember the negatives so much because there were so few of them.  When they came they seem shocking compared to my largely pleasant little life?  My life has been filled with WAY more good and pleasantness then evil or negative.

If forced then to identify THE moments they would be:

  • I recall several NOs I got from my parents - huge
  • Being loved by my hubby  (ok - so it's not one specific moment - but, they are the best moments)
  • Being encouraged by our young married leaders - mentors in our early marriage
  • Birth of our kids
  • When Tim hired me at Crossroads
  • When I believed I could lead for the first time

What are your most important moments in your life story?

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