Monday, March 26, 2012

my day off

Everything is put away.

That's probably the best description I can think of to describe my day, at least so far.

I had tons of laundry it's done and put away.

I had a clean but full dishwasher - dishes are put away.

I still had some crystal dishes out from our Friday night dinner, they are now put away.

I also was dealing with a little bit of self doubt and a friend helped me to put even that away!

The final thing perhaps that needs to be put away today is my overly busy mind - I have probably sent 24 texts today.  Final Easter details - advice to a friend - details for a Wednesday lunch event at Crossroads and so many more!

Now my real day off begins - time with my hubby, his errands are also finished!

Hope the rest of your Monday is blessed and a whole lot of fun!

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