Friday, March 23, 2012

staff brothers and candy

One of the things I love the most about working at Crossroads is hanging out with my staff brothers (and sisters) in the Lord!

The notorious candy dish - my grandfathers antique ashtray!
They are entertaining to say the least! At one point yesterday one after another stopped to eat from my candy dish. My candy dish seems to be the gathering spot many days.  As one guy stopped to grab candy, the next one passing by kicked the first in the back end...the next one passed by and kicked him etc. no pre-planning just spontaneous ridiculousness!  When I picture God 'delighting in His children' scenes like this come to my mind.  Just pure enjoyment of one another and the moment.

I find them more entertaining then any comedy show on tv.

I find them encouraging, God seeking brothers in Christ!

This picture doesn't show all my Crossroads brothers, some of them had to actually work yesterday! Ha ha!!

spontaneous gathering and laughter!
Anyway, I not only got a lot of work done yesterday but thoroughly enjoyed my day.

 I laughed often and very loudly!

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