Friday, March 16, 2012

down with a cold

As I ache and blow my nose, I am all snug tucked in bed on this Friday morning.  Catching up on reading in between drifting back off to a 'scratchy throat sleep'.

I came across an authors' description of why she blogs and MAN did i resinate with this, "I can only see it, understand it, in the second living of it: the writing of it. Thus, why I keep blogging."

This describes how I feel about writing exactly!  Now this could indicate that I'm a bit slow, missing things the first time by.  But for some reason I need to write to really live it.  The every-day normal unnoticed things become important in the second living of it.  That is where the praise of our Almighty God comes from, from the simple 'recognized blessings' of seemingly unimportant detail. Although I know our very limited thinking and reasoning is COMPLETELY different than how God understands, I would guess it means more to him when we praise Him for little things that almost go unnoticed than huge things that are obvious to everyone.  The tiny surprises He hides along our path waiting to see if we notice.  

Sometimes in the BIG accomplishments there is little ongoing fulfillment, but in the simple things, this tiny part of your day can be appreciated over and over again.  Little things allow you to look forward with anticipation because it doesn't take weeks of work and preparation for the little learnings.  God just gives them - if we see.

My days and counters are often filled with sticky notes that mention an idea, or something small I noticed that can be used or researched later.  Yes, It takes a second touch and attention to gather them and review their purpose and to use the bits of information scribbled on them.  You may ask, isn't touching something, even an idea twice a waste of time?  I don't think so,  to review later gives me time to think about them, to notice other little things that support the original idea and to create from there.

Although most of you today, unlike sick me, are running full blast ahead,  take time to really live and take a closer second look at beautiful things God has given.

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