Monday, March 12, 2012

my day off...and then some

Surrounded by friends and family this whole weekend and into my day off...what makes up a better day-off then having those kinds of blessings to remember and give thanks for?

We finally got all the kids together to celebrate birthdays!

We all gathered at Grandma Gatton's on Sunday to celebrate all the birthdays from the past few weeks as well as a couple next week!  So much fun to all be together!

Two of my favorite people Beth and Cam - soon to be Mr. and Mrs.!!

This is Bethany and Cam - I could not be more excited that they will be marrying this summer!  Two very amazing young adults that I love!  I had the honor of attending their wedding shower this weekend.

This is the sad state of our sweeper on the stage at church.

I laughed so hard this weekend when I saw what a sad state our old 'stage' sweeper was in!  It brought back memories of all the times I swept the church that I grew up in Ashland!  We have much nicer ones in the main parts of Crossroads, but the stage doesn't need much so I will try not to run over the poor cord as I sweep !

I bought a few new treasures today at a thrift store (my hidden passion - thrifting!!)  Well, maybe not so hidden.  Anyway just a laid back day, and a day that gave me time to consider all the non-life changing events of the past couple of days.  I am so thankful that I have nothing in particular to write about.

I thank my God that He has for some reason seen fit to give me a simple few days!

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