Thursday, March 22, 2012


My daughter was talking about a friend who works for a famous women's line of clothing/lingerie.  She is a believer and is considering stepping down from this job very soon.  She described how disgusting each day at work is as the designers work on the print design photos of the models.

She says she has never seen ANY model yet that hasn't had plastic surgery.  What we see is completely fake.

She said the designers laugh and make terrible remarks about the models as they airbrush and work diligently to hide all the scars that each model has.  Breast surgery, stomach reduction surgery and countless other enhancement surgeries - these body surgeries leave horrible scars apparently.  It takes a skilled graphic designer to make them look perfect, thinner and scarless.

She said some of the very most beautiful models have some of the ugliest scars that you can imagine.   Sad.

What would drive these beautiful women and men to be willing to alter their bodies for modeling?  I confess I have NO idea.

I remember times in my life certainly wanting to look a different way occasionally, a little bigger here, a little smaller there - but no one could have tempted me to make these kind of unnatural changes.

In the same regard we all have the ability to clean up and look pretty and tidy on the outside while hiding terrible, sometimes unimaginable scars that we pray no one sees.

Deep soul scars.

The lengths I've gone to at times to hide the inside scars surely must seem as extreme to my Savior as do the models' attempts at perfection.

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