Wednesday, March 14, 2012

american idol

I love music competitions.

I am enjoying many of the voices in the final rounds of American Idol this season.

I just worry about what will happen to these singers if they do achieve fame.

What is so appealing about fame?

Money, admiration, attention, importance ...what is it they are seeking?

Jessica Sanchez
I like Jessica Sanchez the best of the singers I think.  I just don't know whether to hope she wins.  In some ways I hope she doesn't in order to protect her from the demanding, demeaning throngs that take so much and give so little back.

In the Bible we are told the story of people who chose to keep their status, their current life instead of following Jesus.  It was just too hard to give it up.  I can't imagine the regret at the end of their lives when they realized all they had pursued, all they had considered more important than following Christ were 'as filthy rags' .

I think Heejan may be the one going home this week, he may be the lucky one!

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Matt said...

Wow Lori, I agree. Even a good kid like Scotty last year's winner had to face gaga and said after... I love Jesus not the devil. The temptation is strong. But in any secular work place it is strong. In the American way of life there are so many things that we are pressured to measure as more important than getting to know God better every day. Even our phones now never leave our side. It spends more time with us than we do with God! WHY do I always have to answer this phone anyways?