Wednesday, April 1, 2009

lean in close

Couldn't sleep this morning, woke up worrying about all the details that have to come together for Palm Sunday weekend and Easter. (As if worrying is going to help anything). So, after laying for a while I decided the best thing to do is make coffee, spend time in study and prayer...then make a list.

Of course God had exactly what I needed to hear waiting for me. It was the scene where John is reclining against Jesus. Can you imagine leaning close to Jesus? This put everything I have to accomplish into perspective.

In the context of our daily lives how can we lean into Jesus? We lean by surrendering.

All I have to do is read about the misconceptions the disciples had as they followed Jesus, and I ease up on my lack of 'getting it right'. They seemed to be clueless much of the time about what was going on physically right in front of their eyes. They could touch it, lean on it, physically spend time with it and still didn't fully grasp what they were experiencing. When they leaned on Him, they could feel His breath. Think of it!

I know I'm repeating what I've written about before, but I find great comfort in their humanness. Occasional forgetfulness about the scope of God's generosity and a loss of perspective on the only reason I am here on earth is to be understood. But, to carry the burden of trivial earth junk on my own back, that is a choice.

If I chase obedience and surrender to only Him allowing my earthly life to 'lean in close', keeping my eyes glued to His face, then who cares about the order of details being accomplished? Who cares about grumbling or untimely 'suggestions' from those sure there is a better way of doing it? And quite frankly, who cares if I don't get every single detail perfect?

I care only from the perspective of my disorganization hindering the simple message of Christ being clearly presented with a God ordained excellence. That's what I care about. Organizing the details so that others have the opportunity to 'lean in close', laying their very best at His feet.

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