Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am sitting on my deck at 8:30 in the morning IN OHIO, and it is already 75 degrees! It was snowing 3 or 4 days ago!

Needless to say, Ohioans have a greater appreciation of a clear beautiful day than do the folks from some of the other perfect weather states.

As I was sitting down preparing to study, I was of course distracted (how I spend much of my life), by a huge crow or blackbird...whatever! ...strutting around the yard below me. He walked around not looking down at all, almost like you do when you are getting ready to sneak and do something and you are trying to look all nonchalant (also how I spend a great deal of my time). Suddenly without any warning he pecked the ground and came up with a huge worm...

Ok, so that does not just happen! A God given instinct is the only explanation. Creation cries out it's testimony to the existence of a creator! No way it's just by accident, no way this all just exploded and landed in the right configuration. I think the only way an atheist could exist is to lock himself inside and never look out! The order, the purpose, the planning and the variety...My God is truly an awesome creative God! This was planned and God knew long ago I would enjoy his creation on this day! Instincts to survive, to learn, to change are God created. Just think about that today as we all enjoy this beautiful Saturday gift from Him.

PS> Talk to ya later, I just came in to post this so I wouldn't forget about the idea later (another way I spend much of my time these days...trying to remember) I have to hurry back outside before the weather changes - I'm in Ohio remember, could happen any second now. Enjoy the gift of this day!!

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