Friday, April 10, 2009

slipping away

I watch daily as America is slipping away... or is it?

What if instead we are about to witness the greatest return to God and the church that we have ever seen? When times get tough people return to God.

So how bad will it get? Who knows and who cares! If we could all just focus on the opportunity before us, the desperate people longing for what God can give them, well, we wouldn't have time to worry!

The current cover of NewsWeek Magazine reads "The Decline of Christian America". They definitely want us to believe this! Pastor Rick Warren said he found that strange because just this week he spent 5 hours in water baptizing 900 people! Doesn't sound like a decrease to me!

Quite a contrast in opinion, huh? We must be wise, most of all we need to be aware of the lost people surrounding us. We need to quit being surprised that the lost are not honest and seem to be out to 'get' us. Let's be instead, out to 'get' them!

Today in the church office some of the administrative assistants were preparing our New Believers Packets for use over the Easter Weekend. These packets are for those who accept the Lord, or want to know more. The Staff surrounded the packets and prayed for those who will walk through our doors at Crossroads this weekend.

God has chosen some to become His sons and daughters and He wants us to point them to Him. We should not be scared of what is going on around us, because we know we have the message the world longs to hear. The only message that will keep them from slipping away!

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