Monday, April 13, 2009

my day off

Our kids were still home from college today so we had another day to enjoy our family!

Now that I'm back on my computer I just watched a little bit of our service from yesterday and started looking at what other ministries did this past weekend. What a privilege that we get to help create services for God's people! Days off are welcome to rest up from the work that lead up to Easter!

Your day off is meant to be a day to rest and often that is not the case for us, but, cooking for family - running errands with our kids- and kissing them goodbye as they leave again for's been a bittersweet day off!

Now the house is quiet, with all the chatty girls and big 20 something boy bodies gone for now...tomorrow routine returns as we move on to the next deadline, the next attempt at accomplishment and I am torn between the two - the exhilarating chaos of young adults or the calm of a routine....hmmmm

I'll sleep on that!

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