Thursday, April 2, 2009


betrayal: to seduce and desert

This was the last in a list of definitions for betrayal, and I thought it was the best. Have you ever been betrayed? I have been and it hurts!

It's a difficult thing to get over. It affects future trust. Repeated it can make you feel like you are the one that something is wrong with instead of the offender.

I have been studying about the final days of Jesus' life as we prepare for Easter. He was betrayed. He did nothing to deserve betrayal and He did nothing to avoid it although He knew it was coming. Can you imagine watching Judas take the bread and cup knowing what it represented?

People lied about him, tried to get close to Him for whatever gain it would bring them, tried constantly to trip him up with man-made religious rules, threatened Him and ultimately killed him. But, it was an insider that betrayed Him. A member of the inner circle that knew He would be in the garden.

This world is sinful and men will go to any length for position, praises of men, and even financial gain as did Judas. When betrayal comes from within the inner circle then it is safe to assume they really never were a part of it at all.

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