Wednesday, April 29, 2009

worried, proud, terrified,excited

These are just a few of the emotions I experienced today sending my kids overseas for the next month!

It seems the opportunities just keep coming for our kids to serve the Lord, but, they are increasing in the amount of trust that is required from us as parents left behind! As Jocelyn turned a blew a final kiss through the air I have to admit the thought crossed my mind, 'will I ever see them again'...

I wonder if they were taken from us, would I become a bitter angry woman? Would our marriage be destroyed over the grief? Would I walk away from God?

We have prayed since they have been born that God would use their lives to honor Him, to serve Him to be fully devoted to Him! Brother and sister off together to discover what God has in store for them. The past few years as they have neared adulthood we have seen signs that God may be preparing them for opportunities we never even considered. Ministry in somewhat unconventional areas of service, music, writing, political involvement (yikes!), ministry to the less fortunate or unloved.

I am anxious already to hear their voices again, I cannot wait for the day I hear their amazing stories, I already want to hold them...but I couldn't be more thankful to our God - for kids willing to follow Him to the 'utter most parts of the world' unafraid...

Today we put action to our words, to our prayers. We released them and we came home alone.

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