Sunday, April 5, 2009

my day off

I woke up this morning right at that time of the day when it moves from silence outside to one bird, then two, then hundreds.

Why does God care about this kind of detail? How did He program into the birds the exact time each day to utter their first chirp of praise? Why is it important that they chirp at all, they could all just sit there and not utter a sound?

I guess He cares because He knew we would be listening. He made available to us the ability to use His birds as our alarm clock if we are listening.

Listening...God cares very much about listening. Just as He gave us the birds and all of nature to speak to us of His creativity, His love of variety and the power of His love for us, He is speaking still...I am trying to listen, to pay attention. This week it is important to listen to what God said long ago.

God spoke and the earth was created - In the beginning ... He also spoke... It is finished - through the lips of His precious son.

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